You Can, If You Think You Can!

Honourable judges, teachers, my fellow students and friends – good afternoon! My topic today is “You Can, If You Think You Can!


Many of us do not believe in ourselves. We are surrounded by friends and family who believe in us, yet we lack the confidence to take on new challengers. In fact, we are our own worst enemies. We don’t need any other foes to bring us down. I know this comes as a shock to most of you, but what I say is true.


Sometimes, when we are chosen to be prefects or head of school clubs, there is always something which makes us turn it down. We feel that we can’t take on challenges because we are not good enough. We’re not clever enough, or pretty enough… the list of handicaps is endless. So it is always better to turn it down or postpone it to another day.


But do we really believe that if we postpone starting something new by a day, or a week, or a year, we are going to wake up one day and suddenly be ready to take on whatever challenge life throws at us? I don’t think so!


Have you ever seen a bumble bee fly? It is fat and flies heavily and clumsily in unsure circles. Well, scientists have calculated that aerodynamically impossible for the bumble bee to take off, let alone fly! But nobody told the bumble bee, because it is happily flying still! And it flies because it thinks it can fly – that is the moral of this story.


Your family and friends may not be with you all your life, but you will. So be proud your own best friend.


Remember – nobody’s perfect. So learn to love yourself. Build on your strengths and work on your weaknesses.


And if you fail, never say die! When the going gets tough, the tough gets going! Pick yourself up and try again!


My dear friends – life is what you make of it. Only you can decide if the cup is half empty or half full. Grab life’s challenges as they come, and turn them into opportunities. But this will not happen if you do nothing – because you were too afraid to try!


Remember – you can do anything you set your mind to! You can, if you think you can!


Thank you!

** 这个是我初一的时候用的. 很多人喜欢这篇稿, 其实我没有很喜欢…
** "think"的"th"我常常发不到… 沮丧… 现在好一点了…
** 我记得miss yee 给我练习的时候, 她叫我要相信自己和自己的稿. 从那时候开始我才知道"爱稿"很重要! 他问我, 相信自己可以进入top 10吗? 为了不让他失望, 我就随便答"相信". 其实不相信的… 然后他再跟我说, 既然你相信你就一定可以. you can , if you think you can. 结果, 真的可以哦…
** 酱子的稿已经很有说服力了, 但是要怎样讲到生动咧? 靠你咯! 这篇稿… 记得! 要笑! 越开心越好! 不过不要太假啦!
** 我记得我比赛的时候, 于恩学姐在台下和我一起比手划脚的, 很感动…

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不擅于表达, 但是擅于生活. 不热爱文字, 但是热爱生命.

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