English Fever

We launched an "English Fever" in class today. It just like what jangster did last year in Sr. 2A. We start speaking english after english period. Mr. Daljit said that we were in the same boat which is going to capsize. It means our english is very poor…
Anyway, I had joined little bird in this plan. We are still speaking "super broken english". But, as long as we speak.
"English Fever" is a chance for us to show how bad are we in english… Somehow, ham sap po is going to use body language instead of using english.
It’s just a joke… not funny right?!
This is first blog I wrote in english. Maybe no one can understand it. For those who know chinese as well, just translate it directly, and you’ll understand…
I know ther’s a lot of grammar mistakes… just let me know. I’ll try to correct it. I am the one who want to study in NUS… my dream uni… but I really be shame with this poor english…
But believe me…
I’ll try my best!!!!!
Wilted roseice

About ashley 诗韵
不擅于表达, 但是擅于生活. 不热爱文字, 但是热爱生命.

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