Mr. Daddy

Do you know how lucky am I? Everytime when I’m going to have an exam, my mother will go somewhere else. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t love me. I just felt that I’m lucky.


When I was sitting for the UPSR, she had an operation in Singapore.

When I was sitting for the SPM, she went to Kedah, her aunt passed away.


And now, my first exam in senior 3 is around the corner, she went to Singapore, my grandmother was sick.


So, I have to do everything. Housework + Homework.


  Wake up early in the morning, even though it’s HOLIDAY.

  Get ready for daddy and Hao to work and school.

  Then, I have to stay alone in house, wash clothes and clean the floor.

  Luckily, mummy had prepared our dinner and put it in the fridge. I just need to heat them up.


TODAY! When we were having our dinner, my darling daddy kept on murmuring and complaining. He said I don’t even learn how to cook… bla… bla… when mummy cook, I don’t go to see and learn… bla… bla…


lol! Whole world knew I’m not interested and not talented in cooking. How come you have to force me to cook huh?


Hey daddy, you’re my daddy right? You should know what time I come back from school… Do you think I have enough time to cook beside my studies? Yes. You may say Michelle did it, but I’m not as clever as Michelle.


See! No mood already…


Wilted roseice



About ashley 诗韵
不擅于表达, 但是擅于生活. 不热爱文字, 但是热爱生命.

2 Responses to Mr. Daddy

  1. 失序原子 says:

    your english is very goodif i ussing english to write blogi think it will be many wrong word,verb,tense,spelling and etc.

  2. Michelle says:

    Just be yourself…..I am one of the victims of long-winded daddy as well.

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