Hong Kong University @ Entrance Scholarship

Well~ I received an email that invite me to go for an interview. But I’m so curious about that. I’m not going to apply HKU and I don’t know what is the interview for.

Anyway, I went. I took a half-day-off that day and traffic jam on the way to KLCC. When I arrived there, the person-in-charged said that I’m late and I have to wait for 45 minutes. Because I’m very blur in this DON’T- KNOW-WHAT interview, I asked her about what is it for. She sad:"You’ll know later."

Hng~ I was very angry that time. Asked me to wait and doesn’t tell me what is that. I’m just like wasting my time…

Finally, 5 of us were interviewed by a professor of Law.

1 from international school, she was applying the Art faculty.
1 from diploma, apply the engineering courses.
1 Malay guy,
1 arrogant Chinese guy.

Me, who are not going to apply HKU but asked for the interview.

Professor said, this was a group discussion. Our topic was "talk about world in 40 years." All of us were out of point. We talked about “what to do in 40 years". I think professor was impatient. He "pulled" us back and set the subtopics for us…

(1) over-population
(2) environmental problem
(3) food shortage
(4) moral values
(5) war
(6) resources

We discussed about 40 minutes. He said that he is going to give us the comment, but last decision will be decided at Hong Kong. Another staff asked me to apply it soon. Well, I’m looking for the waiver of HKD300 as application fee. Since, no one is going to give me any response, I’m not going to apply so. Haha~

After I had made a decision with a few reasons for not apply the HKU, I received another greeting email from HKU, she really help in the waiver issue…

So, do I really ingnore the HKU? but it is one of the top universities in the world. Since I’ve the chance to be interviewed, maybe I’m given chance to get the scholarships too… haha~

Wilted roseShi Yun


About ashley 诗韵
不擅于表达, 但是擅于生活. 不热爱文字, 但是热爱生命.

2 Responses to Hong Kong University @ Entrance Scholarship

  1. Wei says:

    Hey just google HKU,then come to here. haha,are you waiting to enter college this year? I am NUS High, and going to have the entrance scholarship interview in like 1 week in shanghai, thanks for the post.

  2. Wei says:

    o.O oops, I mean I came from nus high >.<

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